Whats in my camera bag

People always ask what type of camera I have and state that it must be awesome to take pictures like that.My response is the camera is nice but I’m the one that tells the camera what to do and not to do.If I create a great image I used my tools correctly if I don’t create a great image then I failed, not the camera.So are you wondering what I carrying in my camera bag?That has a simple answer, my camera gear. Okay not a fair answer but more important then gear is how you use it. There are so many great tools on the market but if you don’t know how to use them they are useless.Two recommendations for you: first learn how to use everything in your bag well, second learn how to leave it all behind and only take one lens and a camera body.There well be times you don’t want to carry 30 pounds of camera gear into the backcountry.Don’t be afraid to try new tricks either for example try shooting through a fogged up lens you never know what you might end up with.

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