The zoom test

I recently wrote about minimizing the amount of gear you carry when weight is an issue and you want to challenge yourself to be a better photographer, today I’m going to tell you how to create more opportunities while carrying less gear. First if you happen to own a prime lens, great they are usually sharper then a zoom lens, but to cover a larger viewing range you need to carry more of them. So leaves those at home (remember the weight issue) and bring along a nice zoom lens. If you shoot with a 35mm (film or sensor size) I like to have a 28-70 and a 70-200, if your sensor is smaller I would drop the 28-70 and bring a 17-40 along with the larger zoom. With those two lenses’ you can cover just about everything. Now here is the challenged a scene set up your tripod and camera then use the two zoom lenses and shoot wide work your way in tight. Let me know how it works.

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