The End of the Day

In the past after getting up at 4:00 a.m. to make it to the perfect spot to create photographs and then spending the day hiking, driving, climbing etc. to find the next spot to create more images I would crawl into the tent and fall asleep.  The images I created would have to wait until I made it home to drop of the film or process it myself; sometimes waiting an additional day or so to grab my loupe and view the negatives or slides and judge my success or failure. It was almost like Christmas whenever I used my cameras.  The times have changed, although I still shoot film once in a long while, the use of digital cameras has changed some of the workflow. Now at the end of the day I set up the laptop and download everything from the day.  I get to view the images usually for the second time and that Christmas feeling is gone.  Its not a bad thing but I do feel the need to run some film through my cameras once in awhile.


Photographer James Halfacre downloads the cards after a long day of creating images.

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