The Camera……

I can say that 9 times out of 10 when someone finds out I’m a photographer the first thing they ask is, “What kind of camera do I use?” I’m even a little guilty of it sometimes. We place a lot of value on the types of cameras people use, sometimes too much. When we do that we’re missing the main ingredient in creating: the Camera Man, the photographer, the cinematographer, the videographer, what ever it is you call them, we have to remember without them the camera is just a cool paper weight. There is nothing wrong with asking about the tools of the trade but imagine for a second if the first thing you asked Pablo Picasso was, “What kind of paint brush do you use?” Okay, its like asking what type of canvas and paint brushes, but you get my point. People do get around to asking what I photograph/film, and whats it like. One of my favorite questions some people ask is, “What did it take to get that image?”

I work a lot with Center of the Universe Productions on automotive videos. I work along side my good friend Michael Delano (owner) he does the majority of the filming on the shoots so I turn my camera on him when opportunity arises. Capturing the behind the scenes is a great way to share what it takes to capture the video/images.


Dodge, Viper, COTUMedia, canon, automotive, willow_springs,
Michael Delano films Micah Muzio in triple digits temperature, everyone is hoping for single takes.


Dodge, Viper, COTUMedia, canon, automotive, willow_springs,
Pass byes are the norm at the track but “TRUST” is the key when the car is a moving at 100 mph two feet from you and the camera.


Dodge, Viper, COTUMedia, canon, automotive, willow_springs,
Things don’t get any safer when you are 30 feet away crouching in the brush aka rattlesnake shade trees.

Its great to hear a story but as a photographer I still rely on visuals to share the experience.


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