Living in California has its benefits, world-class climbing, incredible backpacking, great fishing (fresh and saltwater,) and your choice of landscapes to mention a few. But I want to talk about its surfing, not the epic waves of mavericks or even the great winter surf in San Diego. Nope I just want to talk about how I surf. Yep I surf well I paddle out every so often, maybe once or twice a year. In fact it’s kind of hard to even call me a surfer, none of my surfer friends would. Still I understand a few things about it, the desire to be out there floating looking back in on the world feeling completely detached from everything except the moment. I acquaint that feeling with being in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada’s. Free to be alive. When it comes to surfing I fall a lot and I don’t mind it, it can be fun. But I hate when your leash comes off or breaks and the board makes it way back to land, it just kind of sucks. I knew just how the owner of this board must have felt as it waited for him to come retrieve it….. Now if I could get my backpack to find its way back to the car without me carrying it back down the trail I wouldn’t mind a broken leash now and then.

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