Old Man on the Beach

I was up early yesterday morning standing on a foggy beach. Why a foggy beach, well to photograph another creation by sculptor Benjamin Lavender. To be honest I was planning on it being a clear morning and photographing under the pier but Mother Nature said “Nope.” So I did what I could and created these. I couldn’t help but feel like I was looking at an old man standing motionlessly on the beach.
I can photograph Benjamin’s sculptures against white or black backdrops and they would look great. In fact I have done that many times. But as a photographer that can get boring. So I approached Benjamin with an idea. The idea was to allow me to take his sculptures out to different places and photograph them. He said yes and we decided to collaborate on the creation of a book feature my photographs of his sculptures. We have a few done now and many more to come. So keep your eyes peeled for the next ones.

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