The mood of an image for me is directly related to my own personal mood. While I’m creating photographs I try to allow myself the freedom to create based on my mood much like a painter might do. When I’m shooting for a client I don’t always have that luxury. If they want bright and cheerful and I’m feeling dark and gloomy, I have to find a compromise within and shoot what they. However when I’m shooting for myself mood can also have a direct effect on editing my images and this is why I never throw slides, negatives or digital files away (unless they are just way off technically.) Again my mood plays a crucial roll in deciding which images I like and don’t like. Now just the other day I was doing a little organizing and I came across some images that didn’t make the cut the first time I viewed them. As I looked them over I thought ‘how did I miss these images.’ I knew I had viewed them multiple times and yet missed them up until now. I now realize the first time I was looking for photographs that calmed the power of the ocean. This time around I was feeling energetic so the images that stood out were the ones I found to mirror my current mood and that’s what these images were. I’m glad I forced myself to sit inside on a perfect San Diego day to edit!

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