Behind the falls

…… As I dropped lower the intensity grew.After a good pounding I finally slide behind the main flow where water droplets ignore gravity and dance in front of my eyes. But wait at this point it gets really crazy since I’m behind a curtain of water raging into a bottomless pool (not really bottomless but I sure couldn’t find it) remember I’m still on rappel a few feet above a pool of water with a major under current that wants to pull me down against the rock and keep me there.The only way out is to push off through the wall of water and let go of the rope and send my body far enough to escape the undertow and grab a tag line to safety. We set up the rope to be just long enough so as we enter the pool the rope passes through the prana (rappel device) and you are free.The tag line is in the hands of long time friend Darren and he knows just what to do if something goes wrong.So I send myself flying through the waterfall and splash into the water, smiling big I forget to close my mouth and swallow a big gulp of water. I pull myself out of the pool and spit out a little water and laugh it up with my friends. Since I was the last down I look at them and say, “Lets do it again!”I do it once more then tell them they have to do it for a third time because I spotted a ledge I can shoot from down canyon.I climb up bust out my camera and grab some great images…….

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