Zion National Park

Zion National park is one of the most beautiful places I have explored.  This image was taken near the Subway in Zion.  After a steep hike down the canyon wall and a long hike on a poorly marked trail fellow photographer Brett Holman (getawayimagery.blogspot.com) and myself finally got to the section named the Subway.  We explored for a few hours waiting for the light to be just right but it never was.  We decided it would be best to be there at an early time so we started the long trek out.  Along the way out I was able to create this image of flowing water.  Often times when first exploring a new area its hard to determine when the best light is.  As photographers we learn that morning light and evening light is the usually the best. But in Zion where canyon walls shoot straight up for a thousand feet sometimes noon allows for the best image.  My suggestion give yourself a time to explore the same spot a few days in a row.

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