From the Sidewalk

5:45a.m Ocean Beach California.I pulled up to the pier and looked out over the ocean.I don’t think the ocean had woken up yet.The salt water lapped at the shore like ripples in a pond. A few lone surfers sat waiting for their day to begin and I sat on the boardwalk watching the ocean slowly stretch and wake from its slumber…..Living on the west coast I forget sometimes how beautiful the ocean can be early in the morning and I end up only photographing it at sunset.So last night when I saw a nearly full moon I thought about the possibility of an A.M pier and moon image.I was up early like a good photographer and on my way.However Mother Nature had a different image in mind and covered the setting moon in clouds.I didn’t mind much I was still enjoying the serenity of the ocean and had forgotten about the sleeping city behind me.I sat back and relaxed for a bit before I finally broke out the camera and fired off a few frames.This image is one of the first for a new series entitled ‘From the Sidewalk.’

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