Ferrari 599 GTB from silver to Red

I photographed this beautiful Ferrari 599 GTB for a client looking to part ways with it. He wanted photographs that would help sell it and to have a few great images of it for himself. I thought putting the San Diego skyline it the background would be great so we headed down to Shelter Island. It was perfect great natural light slightly cloudy day for part of it and then some darker clouds towards the end. He loved his photos and so did I but I wondered how the photos would look if the Ferrari was red. So I made a few changes and here you go two before and after photos. What do you think?

The Ferrari 599 GTB photographed with the San Diego skyline behind it.
The Ferrari 599 GTB photographed with Downtown San Diego in the background. Ferrari was changed from silver to red.
This silver Ferrari 599 GTB was photographed at Shelter Island in San Diego, CA
This Ferrari 599 GTB has been turned red in photogshop.